Meeting #4

This fourth meeting was exclusively centered around the Code of Conduct. It took place on March 9 2024 17:00 UTC.

Active participants: Kris, msavoritias, pep.


Mediation team

The proposed Code of Conduct talks of a mediation team that isn't explicitly defined. Discussion happened around what we define as mediation and who should be part of it.

In practice, it's certainly going to be the same 3 active people doing this work for the time being.

Proposed text:

The mediation team is responsible for the well-being of the JoinJabber community. It uses the Code of Conduct as a base for their activities. Takes in reports for violations. The team is composed of people decided in a meeting. The current team is: x, y, z. Room moderators are here to help with the day-to-day chats and report to the mediation team.

If someone from the mediation/moderation teams is involved in a conflict, they would restrain themselves from participating in mediation activities regarding this conflict.

Activities of the mediation team would happen in a channel accessible only to its members. When a person feels something needs to be reported privately, they can message members of the mediation team in 1:1. If necessary, a temporary room can be created to include more than members of the team for a specific conflict.

ACTION: pep to update the website with the proposed text

Room Topic update

All of that in whatever device we want and with our own rules. Following consent principles.

We follow the JoinJabber CoC: [link to the CoC]

The culture we want to encourage in the room:

  • Consent: No unsolicited advice, respecting the autonomy of people using our server/app, respecting the privacy of other people in the network
  • No assumptions about a man dominated space or a white, Christian and from the EU/US.
  • humility and empathy. people that know tech are not smarter or care more about subjects like privacy than other people. to that end we avoid the terms "user" or "normie".
  • be open for self-reflection of our communities/people/figures/organizations. They can be wrong or do wrong things. We should speak up when we see them do wrong and it's okay to reform, remove the people that did/enable it or create new ones and denounce these that don't want to change.

This room is not for you if you think...

  • that all problems can be fixed with tech
  • that "freedom of speech" means everyone is obligated to listen to you
  • that the gender ratio in tech is a non-issue or is caused by women being "innately disinterested" in tech
  • that CoCs are oppression
  • that software accessibility is a lesser concern
  • that people should use Linux or other FOSS even when it is not a good fit or they can't
  • that developers are superior to people using the app/translators/designers, and the only ones whose opinions matter

Everybody agrees on the addition to room topics. Some clients don't display it in an obvious manner but it is possible for moderators to point people at it (and how to access it) when issues arise.

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

JoinJabber is a community dedicated to the concern of end-users of the Jabber federated network. It promotes cultural diversity and international cooperation; we want to empower people to communicate without any form of oppression or barriers. See our goals for more information.

We've drafted a list for the mediation team to use as a base when a conflict arises. This is the kind of content that we would like not to see within our community:

  • Racist, misogynistic, anti-trans, anti-gay, ableist slurs, or other derogatory pejoratives for oppressed identity groups (unless you belong to that group and are reclaiming the term).
  • Blatantly racist, casteist, ableist, sexist, anti-trans, or otherwise offensive and bigoted discourse.
  • Any form of stalking, harassing behavior, such as doxxing, evading blocks, repeated hostile messages against a user or a server.
  • Symbols and slogans associated with fascist regimes and/or fascist or white nationalist movements.
  • Pornographic and/or sexualized images.
  • Pedophilia content, in all its manifestations.
  • We do not accept colonialism, imperialism in all forms, nationalism (above all nationalism of nation states) and militarism.
  • Promotion of capitalism or meritocracy.
  • Cryptocurrencies or blockchains.
  • Messages promoting or encouraging pseudoscience, conspiracism, or breaks with reality.
  • Arguments that seek to deny or cast doubt on historic or ongoing acts of genocide.
  • Purposeful misinformation.
  • Religious proselytizing/recruitment.

Reports are to be addressed to the mediation team.

This is the kind of content that we would like to see within our community:

  • Assume good faith.
  • Be respectful.
  • Consider the space and the ability of others.

This list is not exhaustive and the mediation team may decide to take actions disregarding the list if necessary.

A member of the community not doing anything explicitly against the Code of Conduct may also be requested to leave if they take too much time and energy away from the mediation team.

Every one agrees on the adoption of the proposed Code of Conduct. As this text has been proposed for quite some time, discussions have happened many times before already.

ACTION: pep to update the website with the new CoC.