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Our services are hosted in the EU and all relevant local privacy laws like the GDPR apply. We do not set any non-functional cookies or store any personal data.

Website attribution

Website source can be found here.

It is based on the Compose theme, by onweru.

To build the site, Hugo is used.

JoinJabber logo and favicon designs are contributed by Line with small modifications by Guillaume.

The font used in the logo is "Hey October" by Syafrizal a.k.a. Khurasan.

undraw_*.svg vector images are open-source illustrations from unDraw.

Service and app logos are copyrighted by their respective owners.

XMPP software used

We use Prosody as our XMPP server to host the JoinJabber chat-rooms.

We use XMPP-web as the web-frontend for unregistered access and channel listing.