Translations made easy


After the recent website redesign, we're happy to announce that we've made it possible to translate the website via Weblate!

Reaching out to a non-technical crowd is important to us. The piece of software we use to generate our website (Hugo) has multilingual support, but is unfortunately limited when it comes to translating the actual content of the website and made it difficult for anybody to contribute translations without any technical knowledge (specifically, git).

We are now using po4a which converts our markdown files to a different format from the gettext project. Gettext being a very common translation framework, it has the advantage of giving us many already available tools to translate our website. Having these other tools available also makes translations more accessible for non-developers.

Weblate is a web platform used to translate many Free Software projects, it understands gettext, and hopefully many of you will be familiar with it already. You can head right away to our JoinJabber project on Codeberg! Of course you can also send us patches the regular way on the repository.

If you want to help translating this website, please come talk to us (xmpp) !